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The one with ikhudh-nii ...

ikhudh-nii somewhere ... but where?

My conditions are few: the place has to be jamiil and ba3iid waayid. A place where every drink has thalj and the nights are thick with stars.

And the final condition before al-ikhtiyaar is made? I have to be able to get there in a second.

The creators at ecru have been finding answers to such demands, handcrafting zal, 9u7uun and hidduum that, like a spell, whisk the imagination to impossible gardens of paradise:

I can still hear the propellers flying me down to the rolling ba7ar
Taking me to a land where the balmy air plumps my skin
My eyes squint as I follow a flurry of emerald parrots in the azure samaa 
The pulsating sounds of clarinets excite in perfect rhythm and rhyme 
The lovely ladies drenched in flowers try to catch your 3ayn
Enticed by poised gentlemen in their crisp bow ties
Oh ikhudh-nii
ikhudh-nii back to the tropics

Their summer collection is a treasure chest of triggers.

30th April - 2nd May
Dar Al-Funoon, Al-Watiyah, Kuwait

jamiil Beautiful
بعيد وايد
ba3iid waayid Far away
al-ikhtiyaar The choice
zal Rugs
9u7uun Plates
hiddum Clothes
ba7ar Sea
sumah Sky
3ayn Eye

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