The one with muz:ij...

Wherever there are humans, there is al-iz:aaj. But what is taarikh al-iz:aaj and where did it come from?

Let's start at al-bidayyah with the Big Bang. It was probably the last moment biduun Hiss that the universe has known.

Fast forward 380,000 years and the universe was resonating. Ancient peoples exploited al-iz:aaj - the space inside Stonehenge has the acoustics of a modern concert hall. But it was in cities that humans became really muz:ij.

Today it is estimated that half the urban population of Europe suffers from excessive iz:aaj. Small apartments and terraced housing doesn't help. One friend had yiraan living above him who were constantly arguing and throwing things. My friend patiently put up with this for four years, but when they finally moved out, different yiraan moved in to the apartment underneath with state-of-the-art subwoofers and a taste for samba.

When the iz:aaj around you becomes too much, here's a Kuwaiti Hikmah for aural relief:

al-iz:aaj The noise
تارخ الازعاج
taarikh al-iz:aaj History of noise
al-bidayyah The beginning
بدون حس
biduun Hiss Silent 
yaar Neighbour (m)
yaarah Neighbour (f)
yiraan Neighbours
Hiknah Proverb
إكل ما تشتهي
ikil maa tishtihii Eat whatever you want
و إلبس ما يعجب الناس
wa ilbis maa ya:jib an-naas But dress to please (loose equivalent of English proverb "if you can't beat them, join them")

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