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The one with Subbur...

I'm not sure that Subbur is any kind of virtue. To avoid insanity, Subbur is a code of survival. Particularly when dealing with ministries, funding applications, post office lines and little sisters...

I don't think my Subbur has ever been tested more than by my younger sister when she listened to Slipknot's Wait and Bleed on loop throughout two the years' of my A Levels. Each time I would knock on her door and ask her to turn the music down. And each time she'd make a face and tell me "kayf-ii" or - "I'll do what I like."

Those times are over. My sister has since switched to the easy listening radio station for her dose of music. And when I ask her a question as an almost thirty-year old, her response is less often "kayf-ii" than "kayf-ich."

kayf-ikIt’s up to you (>m)
kayf-ichIt’s up to you (>f)
kayf-kumIt’s up to you (>pl)
صبر شوية
Subbur shwayyahWait a sec
في افنيوز
fii afinyuuzIn The Avenues Mall

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