Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

I say... qaSdii...

The one with ... qaSdii

Sigmund Freud would have a field day with this word.

qaSdii is a filler when you've forgotten what to say. It offers clarification when you're trying to explain the hardest thing in the world. qaSdii backs you up when you blurt something aloud that goes down faster than a lead balloon. In short, it's a word illii you should perhaps commit to memory. Far better inna you know this word than not.

I mention Freud because nine times out of ten, you use qaSdii when you say something but really you meant something else. Like "I love you Claire!" when your wife's name is actually Bayinah. Then you might need to back up, very quickly, and say, "sorry, qaSdii aguul Bayinah!"

It's a good word to use when you've done something a little inappropriate. Or when things go wrong and it was kind of your fault. Don't worry, we all make mistakes. But put things to right. Explain yourself: "maa kaan qaSdii chidhii!"

illii that
inna that
قصدي اقول
qaSdii aguul I meant to say
ما كان
maa kaan negation, past tense
ما كان قصدي
maa kaan qaSdii I didn't mean
asawii To do
chidhii This (lit. "in this way")

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