"Janangir presenting Prince Kurram with a Turban Ornament," Payag, c.1640

There is a house in Kuwait known as a "keeper of memories." It's a building where majmuu:at al-fan of Sheikh Nasser and Sheikha Hussah Al-Sabah is kept, and it's name is Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyah.

In al-majmuu:ah, there are hundreds of ashaa' telling the stories of our ancestors who live on in their brushstrokes upon lawHah or in their imprint upon a piece of Hajar.
These stories begin as all great things do - with a dot.
LNS 17 MS m f30 V

From that first moment begins a lifetime of work. Dots find others and become lines. Lines wrestle with one another until they find their path. And they finish by forming a harmony. 

LNS 105 S

Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyah is of course a matHaf but also a mukaan where these precious works can find shelter. A work such as a verse from the Qu'ran, ground by hand into an emerald. 

LNS 1766 J

It's also a mukaan where the small yet powerful ashaa' that formed our civilisations can be admired. Such as an extremely rare dinar coin made from solid dhahab, embossed with the words of ash-shahaadah dating from 700 AD. It's one of four in the world. 

On 17th May, it's yawm al-:aalamii li l-mataaHif around the world. This year marks Kuwait's second participation, with Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyah hosting a programme of free events for the family. The talks about Kuwait's cultural heritage are an ideal opportunity for a ta:aawun between the museum and local community. 

Amricani Cultural Centre
17th May, 1 - 7pm
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مجموعة الفن
majmuu:at al-fan The art collection
ashaa’ Objects
lawHah Canvas
Hajar Stone
matHaf Museum
mukaan Place
dhahub Gold
يون العالمي لي المتحف
yawm al-:aalamii li l-mataaHif International Museum Day
shahaadah First Pillar of Islam

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