min umm-ah

Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

al-usbuu: alii faat, we were feeling bored.

aHtaj a holiday, I said.  But he said: "Why don't we go

and see a film bil lail?" It seemed a good idea, so rehnaa
to the cinema. But we arrived mit'akhriin. The film was at
as-saa:ah sab:ah illa ruba: and the film had started at
as-saa:ah sitar wa nuS illa khams.

We tried to get tickets. But al makiinat Sarf kaanat kharbaanah.

When we got together some money, a contest began as to
which film we would see. "haadha aHsan," he said,
pointing to the poster. "Yes, but it's the premiere so prices
are double," I replied. "This one is haadha arkhaS waaHid.
And we've both wanted to see it for a while."

Tickets and popcorn in hand, we ventured to get seats.

He found one easily but I could not see one yem-ah.
Was a little drama was unraveling? min umm-ah!

الابوع  الي فات
al-isbuu: alii faat  Last week
aHtaj  I need
bil lail  Tonight
reHnaa  We went
mit'akhriin Late (pl)
الساعه سبعه الا ربع
as-saa:ah sab:ah ilaa ruba: 6.45pm
الساعه سته و نص الا خمس
as-saa:ah sittah wa nuS ilaa khams 6.25pm
المكينة صرف كانت
al-makiinat Sarf kaanat the ATM was
kharbaan(ah)  Out of service (maksuur(ah) = broken)