Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

One evening, I invite Theyab to a concert.
His face falls when I tell him it's a performance of Georges Bizet's Carmen.  
"ta:aal, it'll only be for one hour, muu akthar! allaah ykhallii-k! And who knows,
maybe you'll enjoy it?"
He gives me the Look of Death. I know that maa ta:jib-ah these events very much
but he keeps an open mind. I also know that if he comes equipped with a Nintendo 3DS,
iPhone and tablet, kulah yikuun zayn.
waSal-naa at the rather kashkhah venue - Picasso and Miró's old drawing school.
As the lights dim, Theyab points to a member of the front row.
"Is that a midget or a kid?" he asks in a whisper, but a Theyab-whisper,
which is actually quite :aalii.
"shhhhhh," somebody hisses. 
During the first piece, he looks at his phone.
khilaal the next one, I glance sideways and see that he's out-and-out snoring.
So much for the open mind.
As the third piece begins, suddenly I get a nudge in the ribs. Theyab: awake now,
wide-eyed and brimming with excitement.
"muu Sij, they're playing the theme tune from The Aristocrats! khuush filim!"

ta:aal Come on (to a male)
مو اكثر
muu akthar Not more
الله يخليك
allaah ykhallii-k Pleeeeease!
ما تعجبه
maa ta:jib-ah He does not like
كلة يكون زين
kullah yikuun zayn Everything will be fine
waSal-naa We arrive
:aalii Loud
khilaal During
مو صج!
muu Sij! No way!
 خطش فلم!
khuush filim! What a great film!
al-gaTaawah The cats