According to khaleeji folklore, the first major wind of the year,
the shaamaloccurs around khams-wa-ishriin maayo. It is known
locally as al-Hafar since it drills huge depressions in dunes of al-barr.

The hawaa ath-thaniyah arrives in early yuunyo, coincides with

the dawn star, Pleiades, and is nicknamed ruuH thuurayah.
During this event, which is more violent than the others, fishermen 
remain in port because folklore tells them that this wind devours ships.

Near the end of June, the last shaamal arrives, known as the ad-dabaran.

It is violent and continues for several days. Local residents keep doors
and windows firmly shut, often placing fuwaT around the cracks
of al-bilbaan as this shaamal brings with it a fine dust.

khaleeji Arabian gulf
ash-shamaal The north
خمس و اشرين مايو
khams-wa-ishriin maayuu 25th May
al-Hafar Drill
al-barr Desert
هوا الثنيه
hawaa thaniyyah  A second wind
yuunyuu June
 برح ثوريه 
ruuH thuurayyah Revolutionary spirit
ad-dabaran The follower