maa yi'6a7-ik

Sometimes zawjii drives me mad. His antics are non-stop, and often
take place when ana ta:baanah and all I want to do is switch off. 

mathalan, he pretends to leave the apartment aS-SubH without saying 
ma:a s-salaamah.  Big deal, right? muu mushkilah if this was a one-off
or occasional joke. But no, haadha ySiir kul yawm.

He also teases a lot, demanding something fii asra: waqt mum kin
when it turns out he doesn't even want the thing at all.

Nothing is going to stop him, so all I can do is send out a gentle reminder,
each and every time, that really, truly ... maa yiDHaH-ik!

zawjii My husband
انا تعبينة
ana ta:baanah I am tired
mathalan For example
مع السلامة
ma:a s-salaamah Goodbye
مو مشكلة
muu mushkilah No problem
هزا يصير
haadha ySiir This happens (lit. this it happens)
كل يوم
kul yawm Every day
في اسرع وقت ممكن
fii asra: waqt mumkin As soon as possible