Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

According to official statistics, the third largest religion in Kuwait is Instagram.
I've tried very hard to escape its clutches, and have failed miserably.

Instagram would initially take pride of place at the odd event, but now it has moved
into shuqqat-naa, eats dinner ma:aa-naa and wears khaatam zawaaj.

mumkin tSuurlii Suurah? is code for spiritual surrender to the almighty Apple.
Out comes Father iPhone. And worship begins.

"What shakl of filter?"
"shinu aktib for Facebook?"
"ay social media?"
"I look bad in that shot ... take it again!"

"nzain, nabii shay thaani?" I wonder.

Answers on a postcard. Alternatively, check out the next generation of Apple.


shuqqat-naa Our apartment
ma:aa-naa With us
جاتم  زواج
khaatam zawaaj A wedding ring
 ممكن تصورلي صورة؟
mumkin tSuurl-ii Suurah? Can you take a photo?
shakl Sort / type
شنو اكتب
shinu aktib What should I write
ay Which
نزين، نبي شي ثاني؟
nzain, nabii shay thaanii? So I wonder what else we want?