Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

I look at the clock. as-saa:ah :asharah bi DH-DHabT.
Plenty of time to get things done. I think.

Suddenly the doorbell rings. It's khaalah dhiibah. We greet

each other with seven kisses on one cheek. "How is your mother?"
she asks. "zainah," I reply. Then I offer her something to drink:
"Haar wala barrid?" She politely asks for saffron milk tea
and a piece of homemade gers ogaily.

"tHibiin al-kaikah?" I ask nervously.

"ee," she replies, crumbs flying everywhere.  

Then the doorbell rings again. :amitii sabiichah. My father hasn't

spoken to her in years - awkward! Well anyway, she comes in,
says hello to khaalah dhiibah and joins us for tea and cake.

"ta:jib-ich barshaluunah?" she asks me.

"ee, ta:jab-nii waayid," I reply.

We decide to take a photo for Instagram. We look at the result. 

amitii sabiichah cowers in shame. "uff, haadhi S-Suurah maa ta:jib-nii!"
We delete it. Then take another. And another. Now filters
Finally, khalaS-naa. Both ladies give their kisses then take their leave.

I look at my watch. Uff. Then the phone rings. "aluu, na:am?"

It's rifiijt-ii and she wants to meet for cake at The Avenues. yabiil-ah!

الساعة عشرة بضبت  
as-saa:ah :asharah bi DH-DHabT 10 o’clock exactly
khaalah Maternal aunt
حار ولا بارد؟
Haar wala baarid? Would you like a hot or cold drink?
تحبين الكيكة؟
tHibbiin al-kaikah? Do you (f) like the cake?
ee Yes
:amitii  Paternal aunt
تعجبچ برشلونة؟
ta:jib-ich barshaalunah? Do you like Barcelona?
تعجبني وايد
ta:jib-nii waayid I like it a lot
هاذ الصورة ما تعجبني
haadhi aS-Suurah maa ta:jab-nii I don’t like this photo!
khalaS-naa We finished
الو، نعم؟
aluu, na:am? Hello? (picking up phone)
My (male) friend
My (female) friend
My (male) friends
My (female) friends