maa-lii khulg

Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

This weekend we went to the Hammaam as-sibaaHah. The receptionist
gave us the stink eye as we ambled in. "Don't you know yissakr ba:d
thalaathiin daagiigah?" Oh, nisay--naa - weekend times.

We trudged to the dismal-looking maT:am next door. We know we
shouldn't do this to ourselves. But here we are, doing it.

"shinu :indi-hum aakl hinii?" I mumble.
He shrugs. "maadrii."
"Do you mind ordering me something healthy, idha kaan mumkin?"
"Sure, ayiib-lich iyah," he replies.

He brings me burger and fries. Perfect.
"Thanks, :aT-nii iyah," I say.
"Oh no no no, this is maal-lii. Yours is on its way."

Now the stink-eye receptionist is coming over, with a tray.
Did she have every job?

"tfaDHal-ay," she says, putting a cup of green juice on the table.
"shinu hadhaa?" I ask, dumbfounded.
"You asked for something healthy. Clearly we don't offer anything like that,
so I put what's left of my Sultan Center Caesar Salad in a blender for you,"
she replied breezily. "I would have gone to the supermarket to get
ingredients, but it's far away, and, well ... maa-lii khulg."

حمام السباحة
Hammaam as-sibaaHah Swimming pool
yissakr It closes
بعد ثلاثين دقيقة
ba:d thalaathiin daagiigah In 30 minutes
nisay-naa We forgot
maT:am Restaurant
شنو عندهم اكل هني
shinu :indi-hum aakl hini? What’s there to eat here?
maadrii I don’t know
اذا كان ممكن
idhaa kaan mumkin If it’s possible
ايبلچ إياه
ayiib-lich iyah I’ll bring it (m) to you (f)
عطني إياه
:at-nii iyah Give it (m) to me
maal-lii Mine
shinu What
tfaDHal-ay There you go (to a woman)
شنو هذا؟
shinu hadhaa? What’s that?