The guy was just mitfanish from his job, his girlfriend maa tabii tshuuf-ah and after his rock'n'roll weekend in Dubai he fractured his rgubah and owes a ton of money bi l-viisah.

At first he thought al-7aalah was chaaydah but when his tyre burst on the Freeway and a policeman stopped to help, the cop saw that the guy's license was out of date and arrested him. 

Hate to say it but, al-7aalah sayy2ah al-7iin. 

tabii She wants

tshuuf She sees
متفنش، متفنشة mitfanish, mitfanshah Fired (m/f)

سيئ، سيئة sayyi2, sayy2ah Bad (m/f)
Noun بالڤيسة bi l-viisah On his Visa credit card

رقبة rgubah Neck
الحالة سيئة الحين
al-Haalah say’ah al-Hiin Pretty bad situation right now

ما تبي تشوفه
maa tabii tshuuf-ah She does not want to see him