3alaa al-maw3id

Do you suffer from chronic lateness? Hopefully not, because being :alaa l-maw:id means that you're probably enjoying life more than someone who is doing things bi-sur:ah so as to cram everything in.

I appease my own lateness by being patient with everyone else. :alaa raaHt-ik I'll say to my father or :alaa raaHt-ich  to my mother. The problem is that they are never, ever mit'aakhriin with anything.

One fateful day, one friend decided to slam the brakes on my misbehaviour. "raaH a:Tiich a lesson for your own good," she said. And with that, she handed me a letter and left. This is what it said:

gaa:dah afakkir fii-ch, about how you have taught me the value of waqt, the value of other people's waqt. I get it, yours is valuable. But so is mine.
Maybe you feel like waqt is flying by, that because you're mit'aakhrah other people will show up mit'aakhriin and everyone in the world will eventually show up mit'aakhriin together. But none of that is true. 
Believe or not, a person who is :alaa l-maw:id doesn't feel rushed. People who are :alaa l-maw:id  don't feel anxious. Time slows down, in fact. And why are we :alaa l-maw:id? Because we hate making making other people mit'aakhriin. 
al-waqt is the most valuable and the only thing that we all have. So when we're to meet at 6pm, subtract 20 minutes for delays, 30 minutes for travel, then a further hour to get ready. Now times everything by two. And not only will you be :alaa l-maw:id, you'll feel amazing. 

And you know what? She was exactly right. 

b-sur:ah Quickly
علا راحتك
:alaa raaHt-ik Don’t hurry (>m)
علا راحتچ
:alaa raaHt-ich Don’t hurry (>f)
علا راحتكم
:alaa raaHt-kum Don’t hurry (>pl)
mit’aakhir Late (m)
mit’aakhrah Late (f)
mit’aakhriin Late (pl)
راح اطيك
raaH a:Tii-k I’m going to give you (m)
راح اطيچ
raaH a:Tii-ch I'm going to give you (f)
قاعدة افكر فيچ
gaa:dah afakkir fii-ch I'm thinking of you
waqt Time
al-waqt The time

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