"mikhaalif tafassir-l-ii the gaps in your resumé?" asks the interviewer. 

"Sure, I can afassir," Mohammad answers brightly. "It's just like fassart to your colleague in my last interview: I have spent the last ten years as a freelance mall santa."

"Yes, my colleague fassar-l-ii but the problem is I didn't believe him," the interviewer replies. "Can it be Christmas 365 days a year? fii quSah ghayr?"

Mohammad smiles. "Well, I could tell you that I sat on my sofa watching television for ten years, but that wouldn't be aS-Sij either."

"So how about telling aS-Sij?"

"aS-Sij is that I spent ten years eating, drinking, sleeping and occasionally watching television. I lived in the same sirwaal but occasionally at weekends wore a tanuurah. The only time I left the house, sigt so fast that I got a mukhaalafah for speeding."

After a moment of drumming his fingers on the desk, the interviewer takes a good, hard look at Mohammad and says:

"yaa buu jasim, you're an excellent liar. And since it's what the role demands, welcome to the firm."

Verb افسر، فسرت afassir, fassart I explain, explained

اسوق، سقت asuug, sigt I drive, drove
Adjective غير ghayr Different

سروال sirwaal Underwear
Nouns تنورة tanuurah Skirt

مخالفة mukhaalafah Ticket (for crime)

ما خالف تفسرلي؟ mikhaalif tafasir-l-ii Can you explain to me?
Phrases في قصة غير؟ fii quSah ghayr? Is there a different story?

يا بو جسم yaa buu jasim Reverential term for any man named Mohammad

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