When a group of friends are having a gathering, it's nice when everyone offers to put shwayyat filuus in al-jumlah without being asked.

Not that Talab by the host to make a monetary contribution is a bad thing, it's just that it has potential to open a can of worms. How much should you tiyiib? Too little may come across as la:iin. Too much and the gesture may seem more like showing off than being kariim.

Maybe the best contribution is when someone yiyiib something that doesn't simply have a price, but instead tells you something about who they are.

 انا اييب
ana ayiib I bring

انت تييب
inta tiyiib You (m) bring

انتي تييبين
intay tiyiibiin You (f) bring

انتو تييبون
intaw tiyiibuun You (pl) bring

احنا نييب
aHnaa nyiib We bring

هو يييب
uhuwa yiyiib He brings

هي تييب
ihiya tiyiib She brings

اهما يييبون
uhuma yiyiibuun They bring 

لعين la:iin Mean (m)
Adjectives لعينة la:iinah Mean (f)

لعينين la:iiniin Mean (pl)

kariim Generous (m)

الجملة al-jumlah The kitty
Nouns طلب Talab A request

شوية فلوس shwayyat filuus Some money
اييب شي؟
ayiib shay? Shall I bring something?