"dagiigah," the hostess says before making her way towards her best friend who is picking dessert from the buffet.

"Ahem," the hostess interrupts, somewhat ill at ease: "minu hadhii?"

The best friend cranes her neck, sees who the hostess is referring to and chuckles. "She's rifiijt-ii."

"min wayn?" the hostess persists, with a perfect smile.

"a:arif-haa from my crystal therapy group," the best friend explains, taking a bite of cake. "She's a colourful character, no?"

"maa-nii mSaddig-ah! For once I just want to have a Haflah where everybody has a nice time and now look what's happened! rifiijt-ich is pestering everyone for their Instagram account and trying to get them to do her favours. She's being a real manchab."

The best friend arches her eyebrows. "ikhdh-ay raaH-tich, would you? She's just being friendly. And so what if she's a little minfa:lah -"

And at that she holds her tongue, because the girl in question has appeared before them.

"Hey!" the girl says then proceeds hug both the hostess and friend in turn. "What an amazing Haflah, I've super enjoyed myself! Hmm, so I don't suppose either of you are heading to Rawdah? Because, well, long story but my car battery died and I need a ride."

The friend shrugs. "I can take you."

The girl claps her hands with delight. ":ajiib! I tell you what, both of you, :ashaa-kum baachir :ind-ii. Come on, it'll be so much fun! And if you want, on the way home we could pass LuLu and do the food shopping together?"

The best friend looks a bit uneasy. "Well, I -"

"Oh and the government haven't paid my benefit money this month so I'm a bit mfallsah. Perhaps you could lend me the money, or maybe even pay the shopping bill? Then I'll cook everything, promise."

The best friend looks at the hostess in mute despair. The hostess pats her on the back and says: "istaansay bi l-wiikind!"

a:arif-haa I know her
minfa:lah Keen (f)

عجيب :ajiib Amazing

مفلسة mfallsah Broke (f)

رفيجتي rifiijt-ii My (female) friend
Nouns رفيجتچ rifiijt-ich Your friend (>f)

حفلة Haflah Party

دقيقة dagiigah Excuse me a minute
Phrases من هذي؟ minu hadhii? Who’s that girl?

من وين؟
min wayn? From where?

ماني مصدقة!
maa-nii mSaddig-ah! I don’t believe it!

عشاكم باچر عندي
:ashaa-kum baachir :ind-ii You’re all invited to have dinner at my place tomorrow

استانسي بالويكند!
istaansay bi l-weekend! Have a great weekend (>f)!

Talabt I ordered

Siinii Chinese

بس هم راح اكل bas ham raaH aakil But then I’ll eat

ثلاث شرايح thalaath sharaayiH Three slices

من بيتستك min biitsit-ik Of your pizza

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