The mall jiddaam Fatimah's house. As she could probably tell you herself, al-muul fii-h waayid ashaa'. Too many things, actually. Fatimah often gets miltaayah when she starts window-shopping. That is, until she gets the call that says:

"Come home Fatimah, lunch is ready."
"ana fii T-Tariij!" is her reply. 

Fatimah's house may be jiddaam the mall, but she still drives as-sayyaarah there. Why walk when you can drive? While that may be true, Fatimah often forgets where she parks the car. So each time, tabdii to play a game with herself to try and find it.

"Hmm... khal-nii afakkir. That one looks like sayyaarat-ii. But actually mine is aSghar. Ah, I remember parking yem a blue Lamborghini," she muses.

She takes the elevator up to ad-duur al-yaay. No luck there, either. A guy in uniform passes by - he must work here.

"war-nii where the blue Lambo is!" she demands.

The guy's eyes light up. "Of course, Madame! Your car is over there, see? warraa the really ugly old one."

Fatimah goes beetroot red. Does she confess that in fact she is the owner of the as-sayyaarah al-khaaysah

"Thank you. That will be all," she says, trying to be aloof.

The guy chuckles. "I know that your car is al-khaaysah! Don't you remember that tis'alii-nii where your car is parked almost every other week?"

تبدي tabdii She starts
Verbs ورني war-nii ! Show me! (>m)

تساليني tis’alii-nii You (f) ask me

Distracted (f)
Adjectives اصغر aSghar Smaller

 خايسة khaaysah Rubbish (f)

المول al-muul The mall
Nouns السيارة al-sayyaarah The car

الدور الياي ad-duur al-yaay The next floor

انا في الطريج ana fii T-Tariij I'm on my way
Phrases المول فيه وايد اشاء al-muul fii-h waayid ashaa’ The mall has many things

خلني افكر khal-nii afakkir Let me think

جدام jiddaam In front of
Prepositions يم yem Next to

ورا warraa Behind

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