Many moons ago, I went to a business lunch in Kuwait. The atmosphere was very serious. Then I get this minyuu put in front of me. And as soon as my eyes flicked to the first entry, frankly, maa gidart awagif DaH-ik.

My boss gave me a look, and oh did I know al-ma:naa of that look. So I straightened up and ordered the "chick and fleshy" ... while biting my lip. Then I tried to calm my rising giggles by looking around me. Big mistake. Because this happened to be al-yaafTah opposite the restaurant:

What was going on with this tarjamah? I wondered silently. It's a little ghariib that when someone yatarjim the Arabic text, nobody at the company bothers to check it over before forking out for a sign? 

Then I thought, as much as it's kharbuuTah, this tarjamah is kind of :ajiibah.

How will I ever forget Arab Shat Fresh Fish?

 انا اترجم
ana atarjim I translate

انت تترجم
inta tatarjim You (m) translate

انتي تترجمين
intay tatarjimiin You (f) translate

انتو تترجمون
intaw tatarjimuun You (pl) translate

احنا نترجم
aHnaa natarjim We translate

هو يترجم
uhuwa yatarjim He translate

هي تترجم
ihiya tatarjim She translate

اهما يترجمون
uhumaa yatarjimuun They translate

خربوطة kharbuuTah Ridiculous (m/f/pl)
Adjective (عجيب (ة  :ajiib(ah) Amazing (m/f)

(غريب (ة  ghariib(ah) Strange (m/f)

منيو minyuu Menu
Noun اليافطة al-yaafTah The street sign

المعنى al-ma:naa The meaning
ما قدرت اوقف ضحك
maa gidart awagif DaH-ik I couldn’t stop laughing