"ana maa-nii yaayah," said the girl, pouting her lip.

"maa-nii m9addig-ah!" yells her mother. "Family lunch is the only majaal we all get to see each other."

"Family lunch is mummil," the girl mutters, shifting from foot to foot in her huge party dress.

The mother knows her daughter is only five years old, but still al-raf'9 hits her hard. How can she teach her child that az-zuwaarah is an event that is khaa9ah? After all, shwayyat naas may continue on the same path and grow up without realising that people aren't going to be around forever.

"Oh so... min-tay yaayah? So when I go, what are you going to do?" asks the mother.

"Play dolls?"

"Until when?"


The mother makes a mental note to self - give up now and try again next year.

 انا ماني ياي(ة)
ana maa-nii yaay(ah) I'm not coming

منت ياي
min-ta yaay You (m) aren't coming?

منتي ياية
min-tay yaayah You (f) aren't coming?

منتو يايين
min-taw yaayiin You (pl) aren't coming?

محنا ياين
m-a7naa yaayiin We aren't coming

مهو ياي
mu-huwa yaay He isn't coming

مهي ياية
mi-hiya yaayah She isn't coming

ماهم يايين
maa-hum yaayiin They aren't coming

خاص khaa9 Special (m)
Adjectives خاصة khaa9ah Special (f)

خاصين khaa9iin Special (pl)

mummil Dull, boring (m)

الرفض al-raf'9 The rejection
Nouns مجال majaal A chance

شوية ناس shwayyat naas Some people
ماني مصدقة
maa-nii m9addig-ah I (f) can't believe it