This photo looks muu ghariib, right? Well, if you've never been to the Middle East, there's a detail in this image that may trip you up on your trip to a very necessary international place. Introducing, ash-shaTaaf. And Gerald, a man from iskutlandaa who was marked forever upon his encounter with one on a business trip to Kuwait.

"When riHt to Kuwait for the first time, I spied this shiny silver number hanging next to the toilet basin at the airport. It sparked my curiosity but I didn't venture to ask questions. This shaTaaf looked kind of mkhaSaS, an object that only people living here would know about. And my Kuwaiti clients didn't seem the kind of people who'd want to talk about toilets.

"Anyway, I assessed the various clues around me: flooded floor, dripping walls. I test-fired ash-shaTaaf and the spray was surprisingly qawii. Conclusion: this thing had to be for hosing down the entire cubicle. How mad was that?

"I kind of got carried away zapping the walls in a isluub Star Warsy shoot-out. It was only when the toilet attendant banged on the door and asked me what I was doing that I realised I may have been wrong. As I emerged from the cubicle, the man strained a smile and said ':afwan, but if you want naSiiHt-ii, you'll use ash-shaTaaf for one thing and one thing only.'

"I wasn't about to leave without an answer. ghayart my attitude, shoulders held high and said, 'Perhaps you'll tell me about this thing.' The man went red and sort of motioned to his behind. I felt embarrassment slaughter me. We both kind of straightened up, I said tuSbaH :alaa khayr and he nodded solemnly and said wa inta min ahl al-khayr and I almost ran all the way through the hotel to my bed."

Verb اروح، رحت aruuH, riHt I go, went

اغير، غيرت
aghayr, ghayart I change, changed

مو غريب
muu ghariib Familiar
mkhaSaS Special

قوي qawii Strong

اسكتلندا iskutlandaa Scotland
Nouns نصيحتي naSiiHt-ii My advice

اسلوب isluub Style

تصبح على خير tuSbaH :alaa khayr Goodnight
Phrases و انت من اهل الخير  wa inta min ahl al-khayr Goodnight (response)

:afwan You’re welcome / excuse me

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