The chabd was and is an important word in Arabic. al-chabd has inspired many idioms that indicate strong emotion.

ba:d chabd-ii for instance, literally means "after all that's said and done, you're my liver." Not the most romantic of phrases when translated in English, but since the eleventh century, Islamic medical philosophers have associated the liver with the centre of the body, and with passion. So chabd-ii could be better translated as "my heart."

On another note, laay:ah chabd-ii "I feel sick" or yilawi: al-chabd "it disgusts me." The verb yilawi: means to twist, and it describes how a feeling of sickness or repulsion is literally having your stomach turn.

The Arabic language has created some incredible idioms with the word chabd' and the following are used particularly in Kuwait:

inbuTat chabd-ah means he got fed up (but literally translates as "his liver burst")

ghasl chabd-ah which means someone is carefree (literally, "he washed his liver")

firash chabd-ah meaning someone is a doormat, or literally, he spread his liver like a carpet for people to walk on.

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