Fatimah is at the market. tadawwar ingredients for dinner with her grandchildren. Impressing her beloved ones is not even an option: she wants the meal to have aT-Ta:am of a Michelin dish (why aim lower?) so it has to have notes that are mur, Hiluu, salty and sour. And riiHah that will make everyone overeat.

shwayyat akil look great but taste plain. shwayyat akil look a disaster but are divine on the palate. Finding a balance is key. And after hours at the souq, all she has is four bags full of shoes, sunglasses and eyeliner.

She calls her friend Mahmoud who's a great cook. "adawwar ingredients for dinner, any ideas?"

"Hmm, how about a fish stew with luumii, you know how its Ta:am is wonderfully mur. Oh and today at the market the fish will be really fresh, so pick out a decent Hamour, season it, then slow-cook it," recommends the friend.

As she listens, her eyes catch sight of Naif Chicken, the restaurant across the street. She thanks her friend, "laa tHaat-ii, come to think of it, they'd probably prefer simplicity over anything else." 

 انا ادور
ana adawwar I'm looking for

انت تدور
inta tadawwar You (m) are looking for

انتي تدورين
intay tadawwariin You (f) are looking for

انتو تدورون
intaw tadawwaruun You (pl) are looking for

احنا ندور
aHnaa nadawwar We're looking for

هو يدور
uhuwa yadawwar He's looking for

هي تدور
ihiya tadawwar She's looking for

اهما يدورون
uhuma yadawwaruun They're looking for

مر mur Bitter (m)
Adjectives مرة murrah Bitter (f)

مرين muriin Bitter (pl)

Hiluu Sweet (m)

الطعم aT-Ta:am The taste
Nouns ريحة riiHah A smell

شوية اكل shwayyat akil Some foods
لا تحاتي
laa tHaat-ii Don't worry (>m)