shinuu tishtihii?

When eating out, it's sometimes much ashal to let the waiter choose your Tabaq. You might think that this would be the restaurant's chance to take a customer for a ride but no, al-Hisaab that I adfa: for is almost always reasonable and the selected Tabaq is never bad. It tastes even aHlaa for being a surprise.It reminds me of being a child, as early as I can remember, when meals simply "appear" before you. Even if ash-shakil of the food was the akhyas thing fi l-:aalam, I only had my wordless wail to protest. And anyway, as soon as I was fed the gruel, I'd often discover its deliciousness, and this would shut me up.The only time the surprise ordering does not work is when ayii to a restaurant with a craving. At these times, I go crazy. When the waiter tries to seat us, I put an end to any fussing and say "ySiir nig:ad :ala hal-Taawlah?" before plonking down in the nearest seat."shinuu tishtihiin?" the waiter asks me. I order. Patience disappears. All I can sense is everyone eating around me. "shakil l-laHm muu naaDii," complains a guy sitting behind me and I feel like relieving him of his perfect steak.The clock ticks, the waiter has still not returned. I vow that the next time I eat out in this mood, ayiib a stress ball or at least a packet of peanuts to soothe the wait for the food that I really want.

ايي، ييت
ayii, yayt I come, came
ادفع ,دفعت
adfa:, difa:t I pay, paid

اييب، يبت
ayiib, yiibt I bring, brought

aHlaa Nicer, prettier
Adjectives اخيس akhyas Grossest

اسهل ashal Easier

الحساب al-Hisaab The cheque, bill
Nouns طبق Tabaq Dish

الشكل ash-shakil The look, kind

يصير نقعد على هالطاولة ySiir nig:ad :ala hal-Taawlah Can we sit at this table?
Phrases شكل اللحم مو ناضي shakil l-laHm muu naaDii Looks like the meat is not cooked well

في العالم fi l-:aalam In the world