The telephone is maqTuu: and Zain feels za:laanah. She tries not to think of this month's phone bill, which was aghlaa than ever. That's probably why the company cut her off. And now, without a phone or wifi, she thinks, how aHasl-ah?

In today's world, there are three aanwaa: of relationships. The first naw: is the old-school one, where you meet in real life. The second naw: begins online on some dating muntadaa followed by a meeting in real life. The third naw: is a relationship that never quite makes it to reality. 

Cue Zain and Bilal. Living 1,000km apart. In a relationship for over a year without a single meeting, limited to conversations by phone and Skype. 

afkaar-ah about reality ruining a good thing are probably true, but that doesn't stop Zain's curiosity. And nor her suffering, for when Bilal says, "akhallii-ch" Zain's heart sinks. Bilal feels guilty, so he says, "don't worry, bdig :alay-ch :agub saa:ah."

Often he doesn't, so Zain is the one dialling. Today she's dialling from a telephone box. Bilal's mobile is not answering. She frantically checks their Message History and yes, there's the house number that he phoned from once but warned Zain against ever using, because of his over-protective mother. 

The woman who picks up sounds much younger than his mother. She doesn't know who Zain is. When Zain says, "I'm Bilal's girlfriend" the woman replies, "Well, for your ma:luumaat, I'm his wife." There's the distant laughter of a baby. And then a click. And the long, phone dial tone.

akhalii-ich I have to go (>f)

aHaSil-ah I can reach him

مقطوع maqTuu: Disconnected
Adjective زعلان، زعلانة za:laan, za:laanah Sad (m/f)

اغلى aghlaa More expensive

نوع، انواع naw:, aanwaa: Type, types
Noun منتدى muntadaa Forum

افكاره afkaar-ah His ideas
بدق عليچ عقب ساعة
bdig :alay-ch :agub saa:ah I’ll call you (>f) in an hour